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Seinfeld The Invitations (HD, TV-PG) While shopping for wedding invitations, George opts for cheaper envelopes, which have disastrous consequences; Jerry meets the girl of his dreams.
30 Rock The Collection (HD, TV-PG) Jack stays ahead in his CEO candidacy by hiring a private investigator upon himself; Jenna loses confidence as her weight starts dropping.
30 Rock Nothing Left To Lose (HD, TV-14) After Pete completes a discouraging Kable Town self-evaluation, Jack is disappointed and takes it upon himself to make Pete a respectable man.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
'Til Death The Hockey Lie (HD, TV-PG) A crisis in Steph and Jeff's marriage leads Eddie and Joy to wonder whether they are growing apart or more alike as they age.
'Til Death Check Mate (HD, TV-PG) Joy and Eddie get left with a restaurant tab, sparking a war with Simona and Steven; Eddie finds his worklife is turning into a hell when Joy visits.
« Quigley Down Under (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A cocky sharpshooter recruited in the Old West travels to Australia, only to discover his plum new job is to "cleanse" his boss's land of Aborigine people.
Sea Hunt Jade Cavern (TV-G) Mike saves a diver in the Bahamas, then helps her research the origin of a jade statue she possesses.
Highway Patrol Harbor Story (TV-PG) Three men rob various banks in coastal towns, then pose as fishermen in order to make their escape in a boat.
Highway Patrol Car Theft (TV-PG) A group of car thieves purchase wrecked vehicles and transfer the VIN plates to stolen ones in order to prevent from getting caught.
The Hawaiians (TV-PG, PG, **) An adventurous seafarer is forced to make his own good fortune alongside a crew of benevolent workers, after he is written out of his family's inheritance.
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