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The Simpsons Fabulous Faker Boy (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Bart embraces his creative side at Marge's encouragement; when Homer loses the last two hairs on his head, he tries to hide it from Marge.
The Simpsons The Saga of Carl Carlson (HD, Repeat, TV-14) When Homer, Lenny, Moe, and Carl win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery, Carl runs off to Iceland with the winnings, leading the others to follow him.
The Big Bang Theory The 21-Second Excitation (HD, TV-14) The guys decide to camp in line for a screening of a movie, but their plans are thwarted by Wil Wheaton; Penny and Bernadette invite Amy to a slumber party.
The Big Bang Theory The Boyfriend Complexity (HD, TV-14) Penny manages to blindside Leonard into a lie when her dad comes to visit her; Howard, Raj and Bernadette pull an all-nighter at a telescope.
Glee Big Brother (HD, TV-14) Blaine's older brother comes to Lima to visit him, much to his embarrassment; the glee club faces the news about Quinn's accident.
In the Heat of the Night Random's Child (TV-PG) Bill's estranged daughter from a brief romance shows up in Sparta after her mother dies to claim her inheritance and settle her mother's affairs.
In the Heat of the Night An Occupational Hazard (TV-PG) A secretary suffers repeated sexual harassment from her boss, but the restrictions of her financial situation prevent her from quitting.
In the Heat of the Night Last Rites (TV-PG) A string of deaths caused by an overdose of morphine causes the county coroner to become suspicious that something is not quite right at a local hospital.
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